Chemical Management Services

"Quaker Chemical Management Services create savings and process improvement"

Quaker's Chemical Management Services program (QCMS℠).is a unique approach to the chemical management services concept that more and more manufacturing companies are leveraging for a better bottom line.

At Quaker, we see chemical management services as a comprehensive way to deliver value to our customers. We use our extensive industry knowledge and process expertise to understand your specific issues, solve your particular problems, and implement demonstrated solutions. As a result, you experience improvements in productivity, quality, and profitability. Immediately and into the future.

Adding value to your company

• Chemical procurement for reduced costs.
• Environmental tracking and reporting for improved compliance.
• Process monitoring for increased production.
• Leveraged best practices for increased profitability.


1. Starting with chemical procurement.
Quaker assumes responsibility for your entire inventory of process chemicals. That means you'll get out from under the burdens of placing orders, ensuring delivery and controlling inventory. And that translates into savings. You'll experience labor and cost savings. You'll benefit from the basic efficiency of QCMS, because we aggressively pursue the lowest costs for chemical supply—regardless of the source.

2. Health, Safety and Environmental Tracking & Compliance.
With Quaker's commitment to environmental protec-tion and health and safety standards you can be assured of compliance and industry leading product steward-ship, based on our expertise and our proprietary ChemTRAQ™ software. ChemTRAQ™ is a comprehensive database developed to meet regulatory standards. You'll know that MSDS and environmental reporting are always managed quickly and efficiently.

3. Turning knowledge into value with process monitoring.
The on-site Quaker team at your plant will be committed to working with your plant management organization to optimize your production processes. The team will use Quaker's product knowledge and analytical capabilities to leverage the knowledge and experience of your plant staff to resolve problems and optimize processes quickly and efficiently.

4.Leveraging Improvements.
At this level, QCMS becomes a true partnership, with services such as benchmarking of best practices and associated costs per unit, as well as R&D for process improvement—and guaranteeing results.

In this new model, manufacturers shift away from a traditional supplier relationship to a strategic alliance with a chemical service provider. Results to date indicate that this service model has proven to achieve resource efficiency, process innovation, and significant cost savings. The on-site Quaker team serves as your eyes and ears, capturing data and analyzing the results to provide you with reports and recommendations on how to reduce costs and improve performance.