Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids

QUINTOLUBRIC® is Quaker's speciality, fire resistant hydraulic fluid. For more than thirty years Quaker Chemical has been the leading manufacturer and marketer of polyol ester based hydraulic fluids. QUINTOLUBRIC® products are world class with high quality, high performance, fire-resistant and environment friendly fluids.



Quaker Chemical invented polyol ester (HFD-U) hydraulic fluids in the 1970s as an alternative to phosphate ester hydraulic fluids to overcome application limitations associated with environment.


Since then our fluids have found wide application in areas such as steel plants, coal mines and foundries. Quaker's experience in more than 10,000 hydraulic systems around the world has built our strong reputation among both equipment builders and end users.

Quaker Flagship Products-Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid (HFD-U)

• Quintolubric N 888-46*    according to ISO VG 46
• Quintolubric N 888-68*    according to ISO VG 68
• Quintolubric 450                Special Application

* Earlier known as Quintolubric N 822 220 & Quintolubric N 822 300

Salient Features:

• These synthetic fluids can be used in equipment designed for traditional mineral oil fluids (not fire resistant) and provide   better performance than fluids containing water (maintenance problem).
• In addition to fire resistance, these fluids provide excellent biodegradability and low aquatic toxicity, making them ideal for   use where better environment protection is required.
• Quaker is recognized as the leader in HFD-U fluids by major equipment builders and end users around the world.

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