Quaker Chemical India Ltd., is a developer, producer and marketer of industrial process fluids and related products and services, primarily in the Steel and Metalworking industries. We are committed to meeting the needs of our Customers. Our target customers are provided with advantaged products and integrated services.

The global destination of Quaker is to be:

"A single worldwide company that delivers everywhere the best from anywhere, that creates value in every process we serve, and that every customer will find indispensable. To be the undisputed leader in the business we choose and to be known widely for our growth and financial success and as a premier place to work".

We have implemented a Quality Management System in compliance with ISO-9001:2008 Standards. We endevour to achieve quality through the dedicated and committed efforts of all our associates (employees). We realize that quality is a journey and not a destination. All our personnel are involved in continuously improving all our products & services towards delivering to our customers' long-term benefits from improved products, processes, productivity & costs.

• QCIL (Quaker Chemical India Ltd)associates closely interact with customer to enable them to achieve quantifiable  benefits in terms of lower total process cost and /or improvement in their product quality.
• The performance of our products and services are continually evaluated to check for conformance to customer requirements and scope for further improvements.
• All QCIL associates coordinate and participate in achieving the specified quality objectives set for respective departments and functions.
• QCIL ISO-9001 Steering Committee reviews periodically the feedback received from customers, survey data, internal assessments etc., to determine the effectiveness  and suitability of the QMS and of our products and services.